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Considering Direct Mail in 2018

If you ask any real estate professional (or, really, a professional in almost any field) how to reach new clients, they will likely mention the internet. Getting on social media, designing an effective website, lead captures. As they should. The internet has proven itself as a great way to build a client base. But do the old school methods still work? Should you be making concerted efforts to incorporate physical mail into your marketing strategy? You want to be on the cutting edge, using the same technology as your most successful competition—but is that technology really an improvement on the old methods?

What do you do when you capture a lead? Send an email, right? Make a phone call and leave a voicemail? Good. But, beyond your control, that email hits an inbox and gets lost in a sea of  “promotions” along with every other company and service that has ever pitched your potential client. Or worse, it’s sent straight to their junk mail.  Will they take the time to sort through the clutter of concert discounts and sushi delivery promotions to see your pitch at a partnership that could lead them to a new investment or perfect home for their family?

Alright, so maybe email isn’t always effective. Social media is foolproof, though, right? After all you spent hundreds of dollars on an online campaign! But sadly, your potential client is constantly bombarded with social ads. They have become well adept at quickly scrolling past or exiting out of the posts they instantly recognize as ads. They’re onto the next--and there goes your cost-per-impression. These days, marketing is fleeting. One second it’s there, and the literally another ad. There must be a way to get your business in front of prospects that isn’t so easily lost or so easily ignored.

Thankfully, direct mail marketing is better than ever. Direct mail can be sent to targeted lists, just like any online ad. And it doesn’t get lost in the clutter, it goes right on their kitchen table. It is physical—they have to touch it, see it when they sort through the mail. 4 out of 5 household recipients scan or read their mail for an average of 30 minutes, and postcards are quick—they can communicate everything that was lost in the clutter of their email inbox in just a few seconds. We know what you’re thinking, “They just throw it away!” But here’s the good news: for them to know if they want to throw it away or not, they have to read the information on it. Your cost-per-impression is through the roof!

We know why you may be hesitating. It feels too “old-fashioned.” You’ve done it before, and it was too time intensive, too costly, and “If I have to go to the post office one more time…” Well, thankfully folks, it’s 2018. And we’ve automated the entire process. Now, it’s all done online, you can easily target your prospects, schedule your mailing for weeks, months, even years to come, and because of this automation, its way cheaper. Choose a service that is far more affordable than you would think and provides the versatility of service you need for your business. Choose from clean, precise design templates, select geographic areas on a map, pre-select mailing frequencies, and capture new leads to build your business.

Choose Farming.Cards. We’re built by Realtors for Realtors. We know what improvements need to be made, and we’re making them. See what we have to offer your business today!


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