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All A Part of This Nutritious Breakfast!

Everyone remembers seeing commercials for their favorite cereal brands run between their favorite Saturday morning cartoons. Cheerios, Corn Flakes, Wheaties, Froot Loops! Each advertisement would feature brightly-colored cartoon characters and children enjoying a hearty bowl of their favorite oats. At the end, the camera would zoom out to a carefully composed image full of your favorite breakfast foods -- a big glass of milk, bananas, buttered toast, orange juice, the works! And inevitably, the narrator would say, “All a part of this nutritious breakfast!”

Although the kids were only interested in the cereal, the parents knew their kids couldn’t get all of the nutrition they needed from a simple bowl of Captain Crunch. They knew their children needed fruit, milk, and whole wheat toast along with their cereal to get all their necessary vitamins and minerals. Just as cereal is just one -- very delicious, and important -- part of the nutritious breakfast, so is direct mail just one -- ver…

Diamonds Are A Realtor's Best Friend

Let’s think about this for a second. How many times do you scroll through your Facebook feed or your Instagram feed and purposely scroll quickly past the ads? How many times do you click on a video on Facebook, only to realize it’s suddenly being interrupted by an advertisement -- in the middle of a 30 second video! -- and immediately exit out. You’re thinking, “The video isn’t worth sitting through an!”
If you’re thinking this, imagine how many others are feeling the same way. Our social media feeds, popular websites, search engines...they are flooded with ads, so we have quickly conditioned ourselves to ignore them. Digital marketing is not as effective as it once was.
Let’s look at it this another way: Diamonds are one of the most common minerals on the planet.  A large majority of diamonds are owned by a small number of people who control the scarcity in the marketplace. Because fewer people have access to diamonds, their value increases. If suddenly you could get diamon…